Impresa edile PICCIOLINI Febo & C.
Impresa edile PICCIOLINI Febo & C.


Picciolini Enterprise can boast of years of experience assembled to develop the techniques of
consolidation of the structure trough the use of the most modern and up-to-date techniques,
reaching a notable knowledge in these sectors, both for the experimented technologies of avant-garde
and for the high professionalism reached by its own directive technical personnel and by its workers.

The custom to operate on buildings of particular historical and artistic merit, has accustomed us to execute works
in the full respect of their architectural integrity and the ties dictated by the Sovraintendenza'S Work Commission.

Picciolini Enterprise offers the certainty of a work performed with criterions consolidated in the time
and according to a precise program that departs from an accurate study in collaboration
with the best planners for the choice of the various systems of consolidation and restoration,
up to the material execution of the work for which its own highly specialized directive,
technical and executive personnel is employed.